User/Member, by electronically accepting this "cogiX User Agreement" in the digital environment where the Website is located, acknowledges and accepts that the membership process is completed with the said approval, and this Agreement comes into force. The User/Member states that they have read, understood, and accepted all the provisions of this Agreement, read all legal texts on the Website, including the "Personal Data Protection and Processing Information Text" and "Explicit Consent Text," and declare and undertake that this Agreement is an integral and inseparable part of this.

Personal Data: Any and all personal information that identifies the User/Member directly or indirectly, including but not limited to the name, surname, email address, age, and gender information provided by the User/Member to CogiX through digital means with their consent for the purpose of becoming a member of the Website. It includes information that the User/Member approves to be shared through social media accounts when connecting to the Website through such channels, as well as other information related to identifying the User/Member, all within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and related legislation.

Processing of Personal Data: Any kind of processing operation carried out on data, whether fully or partially automatic or not, such as obtaining, recording, storing, preserving, modifying, rearranging, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making it available, classifying, or preventing its use.

User/Member: A user, including but not limited to a player, who becomes a member of the Website by providing the information requested by CogiX with their consent, accepting this Agreement, and who can log in to the Website with a username and password they choose.

Agreement: CogiX User Agreement



All kinds of games, content, materials, documents, information, graphics, designs, products, in-game accounts, in-game items, access information, links, email services, software, updates, and other similar services offered by are protected by Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Trademark Law, Patent Law, and other relevant laws, and all tangible and intangible elements, assets, or properties listed in this article are owned solely and exclusively by CogiX. CogiX has the right to dispose of these assets in any way. CogiX has the right to stop, change, or discontinue any or all products and/or services offered by through the Website or other channels, either partially or completely, temporarily or permanently. In such a case, Users/Members shall have no right to claim any compensation, whether collectively or individually.

Users/Members or Website visitors acknowledge and accept that all products and services offered by CogiX are exclusively owned by CogiX. Those who use these products and/or directly or indirectly related other services, benefit from them, or attempt to access them will be deemed to be aware of their personal initiative and responsibilities through this notification. Users/Members and/or Website visitors declare that they accept the principles regarding the protection of personal data by CogiX, not only within the scope of this Agreement but also in addition to this Agreement, the Privacy Policy, and the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data and the related legislation. The Member states that all personal information provided to CogiX for registration to the Website is provided with their own consent, that this information is accurate, and that they accept the Processing of Personal Data by CogiX. Therefore, for all actions and transactions contrary to the law, they undertake that they will be solely responsible, that they will have no right to recourse to CogiX, and that they will not have any right, receivable, fee, and other material or moral claims against CogiX. Users/Members also acknowledge and accept that CogiX can share, record, control, back up, store, and process all kinds of information and records regarding the Users/Members in accordance with this Agreement and the Personal Data Protection and Processing Agreement and Information Text. Likewise, Users/Members accept that their contact information and other data can be used without obtaining additional permission or notifying them for other services, works, or commercial activities by CogiX and/or related institutions, organizations, and individuals, and that for this purpose, they will not make any claims, rights, receivables, fees, and other material or moral claims from CogiX and that they will have no such rights. In this respect, Users/Members accept that CogiX may share, record, control, back up, store, and process all kinds of information and records regarding them in accordance with the Law and legislation. In case of unauthorized use of the services provided by CogiX under this User Agreement, CogiX has the right to temporarily or permanently terminate the access of Users/Members or Website visitors to these services through the Website. Users/Members shall not have any objection rights against CogiX for such measures. In such a case, it is the responsibility of the User/Member to destroy all kinds of materials, including licenses, within their possession during the services offered through CogiX, through the Website.

Users/Members cannot transfer or assign the passwords, user names, or any other rights given to them to third parties; they cannot use them for commercial purposes, free of charge or for consideration, or conduct any actions or transactions that are contrary to this. Users/Members are solely responsible for the security, storage, keeping away from the knowledge of third parties, and use of login tools, and CogiX has no responsibility regarding the problems arising from the use of usernames and passwords. Users/Members acknowledge and accept that all kinds of elements and assets created within the framework of the services provided by CogiX, including all kinds of materials whose possession is taken by the User/Member during the services offered through CogiX through the Website, do not have any commercial or material value.


All kinds of applications, codes, or other data acquired through electronic or physical environments, platforms, or channels owned by CogiX or CogiX will be used in accordance with Intellectual Property Law, Industrial Property Law, relevant laws, and international agreements and subject to the usage conditions mentioned here.

In order to benefit from the services provided by CogiX, the User/Member must have the technical or physical requirements required by the relevant channel or platform, as well as the necessary infrastructure and other hardware. It is the User/Member's responsibility to provide these requirements. CogiX has no responsibility in this regard. Any disruptions related to internet connection are solely the responsibility of the User/Member, whether they originate from service providers, infrastructure, or the User/Member. The use of CogiX services, including the time and frequency of use, will be determined by CogiX based on the current number of users, duration, and other data. CogiX will use the highest technological and/or measures deemed appropriate by CogiX to ensure the security of the accounts used by the User/Member while benefiting from CogiX services. The User/Member is primarily and directly responsible for ensuring the security of their accounts, if any, at CogiX or the platforms or channels where the provided service is used; otherwise, in case of account security problems, the User/Member will have no right to make any claims against CogiX. In case of any technical reasons that may arise during the provision of any kind of service or product by CogiX and the temporary or permanent loss or unusability of the User/Member's accounts or any element in these accounts, CogiX cannot be held responsible for the situation and its consequences. In case of the delivery of bonuses by CogiX to the consumer as a result of purchases made by the consumer through this site, these bonuses will not have the nature of earned rights in favor of the consumer in any way, and they will be given for use within the scope of the services provided on this site, unilaterally, optionally, and periodically, without any additional fee, with a maximum usage period of 3 months from the delivery date. The consumer can use these bonuses within a maximum period of 3 months from the date of delivery, including all electronic transfer methods to their user/member accounts. Unused bonuses will be automatically canceled at the end of this period, and the consumer will not have any right to request the issuance of the same bonuses after this period.

CogiX has no responsibility for any typographical errors that may occur in the prices on the site.

CogiX does not make any commitments regarding the quality, safety, or legality of the products and services offered.

The User/Member acknowledges and accepts that the prices of the products they wish to purchase are valid at the moment when they see the price on the site and make the payment or add the product to their account through the site.

If product prices vary within the site, the highest price will be valid.

The User/Member acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that when links are provided to other websites or portals through the Site, the purpose of these links is to facilitate reference, and they do not have a guarantee nature, and that CogiX has no responsibility for any possible service to be received.

In payments, payments are processed to accounts through explanations written by the User/Member. The User/Member acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that CogiX will not be responsible for any damages that may occur due to incomplete/incorrect entry of explanations, but payments can only be made to personal accounts, and the accuracy of the account numbers is the responsibility of the user only.

The User/Member acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that they have no right of withdrawal.

During the use of the services provided by CogiX, any actions, behaviors, and transactions that may constitute a crime within the scope of the applicable legislation, including but not limited to, advertising, unfair competition, terrorism, republic, state, religion, racism, drug, politicians, or harassment of other players or actions that insult the spiritual memory of Atatürk, are prohibited and contrary to the rules of this Agreement. In such cases of use, the User/Member may be temporarily or permanently denied access to and use of the services by CogiX, and any relevant content, materials, data, and other elements created by the User/Member in this regard may be shared with official authorities and institutions by CogiX upon request. CogiX is responsible only to the extent that its technical capabilities allow for the removal of content that violates these laws from the relevant accounts, user assets, or accessible environments, or site contents, and is not liable for its practices in this regard. For the same reasons, User/Member information can be shared with official and administrative authorities, including but not limited to prosecutor's offices and law enforcement agencies, in accordance with proper applications. In case of disputes arising from the use of the services provided by CogiX in connection with the use of the services, Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Istanbul Anatolian Execution Offices are authorized.

Data Sharing The User/Member, by accepting this Agreement and the Data Protection and Processing Agreement and Disclosure Text, consents to the use and processing of the personal data shared voluntarily for various advantages to be provided and offered to the consumer, such as electronic communication for special advertisements, sales, marketing, surveys, reservation privileges, and similar purposes, and for sending all kinds of electronic communication messages, remembering your preferences, and personalizing your website usage, including determining how you use the website, collecting, storing, processing, using, and transferring it for the same purposes to third parties who are obliged to comply with data protection and security legally and technically, who have the same responsibilities as CogiX, and who are within the scope of domestic/international subsidiaries/affiliates of CogiX and related parties. The User/Member acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that they have consented to the collection, storage, processing, use, and transfer of this personal data for the same purposes; with this purpose, the personal data of the User/Member, including name, surname, date of birth, marital status, gender, education level, occupation, place of work, e-mail, phone number, address, interests, and internet usage habits, may be shared with domestic/international subsidiaries, affiliates, and business partners. User/Member may exercise their rights arising from the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 and other relevant legislation by contacting CogiX or third parties specified in this article.

If the User/Member wishes to delete their account, they can delete it by following the instructions on the Site.

If CogiX wishes to delete the user account, it may delete the user account with or without a reason, without prior notice.

By accepting this Agreement, the User/Member agrees and undertakes not to infringe the intellectual and industrial property rights of CogiX and third parties in any way, including but not limited to the software, texts, photographs, audio, and visual elements on the Site, as well as the use, reproduction, copying, modifying, and changing of these elements, and will not perform actions that are contrary to intellectual property rights, and is fully responsible for the damages incurred by CogiX and third parties for any breach of this agreement. In case of any claims, lawsuits, and demands against CogiX, it is the User/Member's responsibility to keep CogiX free from these claims, and if CogiX is damaged due to the use of the Site by the User/Member, CogiX reserves the right to claim compensation from the User/Member.

The User/Member acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that the e-mails sent to the User/Member by CogiX, including but not limited to advertisements, campaigns, promotional activities, and discounts, will be stored, monitored, and evaluated. The User/Member may block the receipt of these e-mails by changing their e-mail preference settings from the settings section after logging into the Site or by using the "unsubscribe" option at the bottom of each e-mail sent.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter hereof and replaces all prior agreements, representations, negotiations, or previous written or oral agreements. Any changes or additions to this Agreement will only be valid if made in writing and signed by the parties.

The titles of the articles in this Agreement are for easy reference and understanding and do not have any contractual or legal effect in interpreting and applying the provisions. Any of the provisions of this Agreement may not be interpreted against the party against which it is invoked, and the principle of interpreting the provisions of the Agreement in the way that gives the legal validity to the parties is accepted.

In case of any disputes arising from this Agreement or the use of the services provided by CogiX in connection with the use of the services, Istanbul Anatolian Courts and Istanbul Anatolian Execution Offices are authorized. Users/Members accept the information and data records kept in the databases, servers, and archives of CogiX regarding all kinds of operations and transactions made on the site, with the signature of CogiX's own servers, databases, and commercial books and records in case of any dispute arising from the implementation of this Agreement and the services offered by CogiX, and they waive the right to claim otherwise.

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